3 big advantages of Thai Yoga Massage over other massage therapies


At Central School we have a long-established specialism in teaching Thai Yoga Massage and CPD courses inspired by Thai Yoga Massage techniques. TYM is quite different to most other forms of massage therapy, and offers a number of distinct advantages as Kathryn Ellis, Course Director at Central School of Massage, discusses here…

1. You can give a more effective massage with less effort

Thai Yoga Massage allows you to really focus on how you use your body. For students who are massage therapists already it’s often a completely revelatory experience to discover that they can use their body to help them massage more easily, with more effect and minimal effort.

In Thai Yoga Massage we tend to use our body weight – so we regularly adjust our position and that of the client so that we don’t have to use strength alone to create an amazing effect on their body. Rather than having to apply weight at an angle we can just shift our weight from side to side. Gravity does much of the work for us.

A TYM therapist gets very used to manipulating the client’s body – bending and lifting their legs and arms, moving them around on the mat, rotating their shoulders, etc. The client’s body ceases to be an inert object, as often is the case with couch massage where the person just lies down and doesn’t move. In couch massage the therapist has to work harder to achieve a similar effect.

We find that clients trust the TYM therapist a lot more because you’re taking control of how their body moves, with the confidence that you will learn through the course. They’re able to let go more easily, more able to relax into the massage. They can experience quite fundamental shifts in the way that they feel.

2. Nobody has to take their clothes off

TYM is a massage therapy where the client remains fully clothed. In some respects this make it an easier and a more comfortable practice for beginners to learn, and it makes the interaction with clients easier and more comfortable.

The therapist is more able to work and stretch the body without having to worry about towels and modesty because the client is wearing their own clothes. Especially if you’re new to massage, it’s a lot more comfortable to start touching somebody when they’re clothed.

But this can also be a major plus from the clients’ point of view. There are many people who don’t want to take their clothes off in order to have a massage – particularly older people who may be embarrassed about their body for whatever reason. TYM solves this problem.

3. It’s easy and cheap to get started

For Thai Yoga Massage the most important thing is to have a space – there’s not a lot of equipment involved.

Normally we work on a special mat – a relatively thin futon – which costs about £100 to buy new. But you don’t need a special mat… you could just put a blanket down on top of carpet and then maybe a duvet on top. And that’s it – there’s no need to buy expensive couches or lotions or towels. You can just use what you have and that makes it incredibly cost effective.

TYM is a great way to start working, to start up your massage business with minimal outlay, and see if you like it.

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