Table-Thai Stretch Massage: Main (2-day) and Advanced (1-day) Courses

Learn how to integrate Thai yoga massage techniques into your existing couch-massage practice.

This course will teach you how to give a couch massage with dynamic, flowing movements using joint manipulation, stretching, compression work and Thai acupressure.

You’ll learn how to use your body-weight and body positioning to apply deeper, more effective pressure without straining your hands, thumbs and wrists.

It’s a great way to bring variety into your work and to alleviate the repetitive movements of a traditional, Western, massage treatment.

It’s ideal for massage therapists who are already trained in couch massage and are looking to increase their massage techniques and to extend their potential career.

It’s also ideal for those trained in Thai yoga massage (floor-based) who are looking to expand their business by transferring their skills to the couch.

The main course is taught over two days in which we’ll cover:

  • theory of Thai yoga massage and energy lines
  • location of some Sen (energy) lines
  • basic Thai massage techniques
  • effective stretches for the client in Supine and Prone position
  • how to use your whole body safely and effectively
  • good body positioning to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort

The advanced training day (optional) builds upon your learning from the first two days and you’ll learn techniques that will help deal with specific muscular-skeletal issues such as lower back pain, sciatic pain, shoulder and neck problems. It focuses on Thai massage techniques when the client is in a side-lying position, and so is particularly useful when working with those who are uncomfortable on their back or front (e.g. pregnant women or people with breathing difficulties).

You can book just the main course, or the main course plus the advanced training day. We offer a special discount for those who book the main and advanced courses plus our one-day deep tissue massage CPD course.

Central School of Massage, Leamington Spa

Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th October 2020 (Main Course)
Friday 30th October 2020 (Advanced Course)



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