Partner Massage Course

  • Over 2 hours of fully guided tutorial videos
  • 53-page fully-illustrated PDF manual
  • Lifetime access

Join massage therapist and trainer Kathryn Ellis as she walks you step by step through this wonderful 55-minute massage sequence, specially designed for you to practise on a partner, family member or house-mate. Better still, why don’t you both learn it – then you can enjoy the double pleasure of both giving and receiving a massage!

Are you feeling stiff and sore after three long months of lockdown?

Do you and your loved ones long to have a massage?

Massage therapists like me would love to go back to treating clients, but it’s not clear at the moment when we’re going to be allowed to return to work, and social distancing rules mean that – for the foreseeable future – having a massage is not going to be the lovely, relaxing experience that it usually is.

That’s why I’ve come up with this new partner massage course for beginners that you can learn at home.

I’ve adapted one of the beginners’ courses we normally teach face-to-face for you to do at home using a series of easy-to-follow videos and a fully-illustrated manual.

A simple but very effective massage routine for the whole body

Suitable for everyone

Requires no previous massage experience

Requires no special equipment

Over two hours of tutorial videos, accompanied by a 53-page fully illustrated pdf manual

I’ve done this course with my daughter and it’s fabulous.

Lisa Webb

“Kathryn is an amazing teacher. The course was easy to follow and well explained both in video and written format. Each step of the way Kathryn guides you in positioning your body comfortably to enable you to enjoy performing the massage as well as your partner receiving it. It was great to be able to watch each section, then replay and both get to practise. I particularly enjoyed the neck, head, face and back massage – so relaxing.”

Rose Dipple

Because it’s a massage that you receive fully clothed, you can do it with pretty much any partner – including your Mum, housemate, husband or wife, son or daughter.

It’s a great course to do together so you’ve got a learning buddy to support you and, of course, you then get to both give and receive the massage!

I’ve split the sequence up into ten short sections, so you can learn and practise it in stages. Each section has its own video lesson, where I walk you through exactly what you need to do, and a handy pdf with photos and instructions to refer back to.

I show you ways to adapt the massage in case you suffer from problems with your back or knees and, of course, you can watch the videos as many times as you like – so if you forget what to do it’s easy to go back and look at it again.

The course is built on the popular Thinkific learning platform so it’s super-easy to follow, and you can track your progress through the lessons.

Watch: Tamar’s Partner Massage experience

Tamar tried out the Partner Massage programme with her partner Sam – after a bit of persuasion!

Hear how they got on in this short video…

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